Pre-th!nk Inc. helps individuals and organisations negotiate better.

helping you negotiate better


what we do

negotiate for you

train and coach to improve your negotiation outcomes

help you prepare for:

  • collective bargaining
  • procurement
  • contract negotiation
  • supervisory management
  • change management

who we are

Neil Patton has worked in negotiations for over 20 years. He has been a chief negotiator, strategist, coach, and trainer. His practice covers a variety of negotiations (collective bargaining, procurement, sales/marketing, commercial contracts) and sectors (utilities, telecoms, health care, education, mining, military, social services, retail, land development).

Gary Moser had an accomplished 30+ year career acting as the chief negotiator for the B.C. Government as well as being CEO with the B.C. Public Sector Employers Council and the Health Employers Association of B.C. He now works as a labour relations consultant in the private and public sectors.




Jun 5 2016 to Jun 8 2016
Delta Whistler Village Suites
Full Fee: $ 3,495+gst After March 31, 2016
Super Early Bird Special:
$ 2,995+gst First 8 fully registered & paid spots
Early Bird Special:
$ 3,195+gst Before March 31, 2016

IRRATIONAL PERSUASION Post-Whistler 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Jun 8 2016
Delta Whistler Village Suites - 1 PM- 4:30 PM




T: (604) 916.9945

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